The principle behind a Share Club is the sharing of investment skills and knowledge. Each individual member makes his/her own investing decisions for portfolio management. This is not an investment club. We discuss all aspects of personal financial planning such as savings/investing, taxation, insurance, estate planning, etc.

Our club relies on building of trust among members to share information and receive information for the benefit of all.

The desired atmosphere in a Club should be such that:

  • There is an opportunity to learn and acquire skills
  • There is a strong element of member trust
  • The interaction with other members is open
  • A sharing/learning environment exists
  • There is a commitment to participate and attend meetings regularly

Meeting Format

  1. Welcome opening remarks
  2. Three basic formats
    1. Guest Speaker
    2. Presentation by member(s)
    3. Open forum for sharing
  3. Agenda is member generated. Members suggest items to be discussed.